Orquestra António Fragoso

The António Fragoso Orchestra is an AMASING project that began in 2020 under the direction of conductor Eliseu Silva and arose from the desire of a group of musicians to create a musical project of the highest artistic calibre in an innovative format, filling some social, pedagogical and cultural needs that, until then, had not been met. Thus, the association developed an orchestra with a pioneering hybrid structure, i.e. it has top-level members with master’s and doctoral degrees in music and proven track records in the world of music, thus proving to be a platform for opportunities. On the other hand, it has non-professional members who are still in the artistic development phase. It also brings together members with a high level of musical and artistic training who, at a certain stage, opted for a career in other fields such as medicine, engineering or law, but did not want to lose contact with musical performance and creation. A very organic development and support structure has thus been created, ensuring a quality of excellence in all its work. The orchestra has already performed several concerts, including at the Forte de São Foz da Foz, Palacete Pinto Leite, the Auditorium of the Covões Philharmonic (Cantanhede), participation in the CONVIMUS 2022 Festival at the Monastery of Pombeiro (Felgueiras) and a tour of France. He has also developed other projects such as the studio recording of his first CD, the realization of a video clip at the São João da Foz Fort and the recording of a video for his participation in the final concert of the Hong Kong International Music Festival. The António Fragoso orchestra also performs in trio, quartet, and sextet formats, among others.